This is why staying optimistic is the b…


This is why staying optimistic is the best treatment for cancer

Aug. 16, 2017 | by Georgia Gables

There's Nothing to Lose and Everything to Gain with Positive Thinking During Cancer Treatments

The power of positive thinking is real, and it’s beneficial to your overall health.

Many women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer attest to their positive attitude being the reason for their recovery and remission. It’s not going to cure cancer, and it’s not going to take the fear or terror away from such a serious diagnosis, but positive thinking is helpful.

If you’re one of the people who live with the opinion that positive thinking is a waste of time for those undergoing cancer treatment, you should take a few moments to understand why positive thinking is recommended, healthy, and worth every second when you’ve been diagnosed with breast cancer.


What Positive Thinking is Not

Naïve might be a word that comes to the minds of many, but positive thinking is not a waste of time for those who have been diagnosed with cancer.

Medical studies prove that positive thinking is powerful in many ways. It might not be a cure for cancer or a method of treatment, but it’s certainly a helpful tool for anyone who has been diagnosed.

Studies show thinking positively is beneficial to overall health. It’s a way of looking at a negative situation from the viewpoint of a resolution and hope rather than defeat. Positive thinking is not a waste of time, and doctors and scientists are willing to back this thinking up with fact.


Positive Thinking and Your Health

Positive thinking is good for your overall health, and that’s how it’s good treatment for cancer patients.

The brain and body responds well to positive thinking.

People who think in a more productive and positive manner tend to live longer, healthier lives. They are the kind of people who see the glass half-full, and that makes them more receptive to treatment. It also means they have a healthier immune system and overall health due to a lack of stress and anxiety that so many negative thinkers live with.


The Health Factor Related to Positive Thinking

The overall concept is easy to understand. When you think positively, you have a better outlook on life. This makes everyday life less stressful, which is good news for those who think positively. When life is less stressful, stress and anxiety are less prominent in a person’s life. Their overall health responds positively to this. Positive thinking helps strengthen the immune system, it makes it less likely people will come down with a cold or flu, and it makes it more likely they have better cardiovascular health.

Positive thinking and a good attitude are imperative if people want to live a healthy life. When you make the decision to find the good in a situation, it makes life a lot healthier and longer. Even when it comes to things like breast cancer recurrence tests, positive thinking is helpful. It might not get rid of cancer and cure a person of illness, but it does help them get through this difficult time without as many complications.


There’s Nothing to Lose

Perhaps the biggest benefit of a good attitude is there is nothing to lose.

When it comes to cancer and the rest of your life, looking at it with a positive mindset won’t make the situation any worse. In fact, it makes life more enjoyable. Creating happiness is easy when you choose to look at the bright side, and there isn’t a downside to living a full and enjoyable life despite a negative health diagnosis.


Cancer is nothing anyone wants to deal with, but it’s not worth looking at in a negative light. You can’t change a diagnosis, but you can fight it with treatment and a good attitude. Let the power of positive thinking assist you in creating your own healthy lifestyle. Even if you’re not a positive person by nature, it’s easier than you think to change your outlook.


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