Facing cancer doesn’t mean you are now only “the cancer patient”. So often, we hear those with cancer share the need to feel seen, to feel understood and not feel alone. So whether you are facing cancer, family, friends, or part of a health care team - the Facing Cancer Together podcast is for you.

Please share the Facing Cancer Together podcast with anyone in your life facing a cancer diagnosis - or caring for someone who is. 

Now, sit back and listen to a few episodes and enjoy.






 Podcast Host, Susan Larkin


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Intro Available Now What is the Facing Cancer Together Podcast?
You Have Cancer - Now what? November 15, 2023

In our first episode, host Susan Larkin introduces some of the real voices you will hear throughout the series as they share the real deal about their own personal cancer experiences. Whether you are a patient, family, friends, or part of the health care team – we are – Facing Cancer Together.

This is Supposed to be Normal? November 15, 2023

Hair loss. Brittle fingernails. Rashes. Stomach upset. Fatigue. Brain fog. Just a short list of the many side effects  someone may have told you was “normal”. Dr. Margaret Fitch, Oncology Nurse professor and a leading researcher in psychosocial support in oncology explains how there is nothing normal about it.

Jules Whish On Living with Cancer November 15, 2023

With advancement in treatments and greater understanding of the disease - there are people who are living with cancer.   But what does that mean? Jules Whish joins us and shares how she is figuring it out as she goes - along with sharing on social media.

Learn more about Jules Whish: https://www.heyjules.ca/ 

Support Systems November 15, 2023

What the heck is psychosocial support? It can be emotional support, spiritual, overall well-being, and even practical support. Dr. Margaret Fitch, Oncology Nurse, professor and a leading researcher in psychosocial support is back, talking about just how important these supports are.

Michelle Audoin is Living With Cancer November 29, 2023
Details to come.
Navigating Nutrition December 13, 2023
Details to come.