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Since 1992, thousands of people have offered their time and skills to LGFB. We couldn’t make our program a reality without the big hearts and talents of our volunteer team from coast to coast.

If you’re a cosmetic professional or hair alternative specialist, please consider joining more than 1,500 of your peers who donate their time and skills to the LGFB program. All it takes is three hours each month and you’ll be impacting the lives of thousands of women across Canada, helping them regain their confidence and sense of self.

Submit an application to become a volunteer and use your talent to do something beautiful for women with cancer.  


As a volunteer, you’ll lead a small group of women who are undergoing or about to undergo treatment through an intimate two-hour support workshop. With our simple and custom designed demonstration of beauty, you’ll  provide tips on cosmetic hygiene and how to overcome the side effects treatment may cause, like an uneven skin tone, dry skin and the loss of eyebrows and eyelashes. You’ll be providing much more than beauty advice and training tools though - you’ll be providing these women with a welcoming environment, where they can spend some much-needed time on themselves and interact with other women going through a similar situation.

Our volunteers have nothing but amazing things to say about the program.

But don’t take our word for it – take it from Agnes, a cancer survivor turned volunteer:

"I remember how crucial it was for me to be around positive people when hope was so low. Now, as a volunteer, I have a chance to offer a positive energy, attitude, and knowledge about how to empower yourself with makeup and hair; for a woman facing cancer it is so helpful and truly mind-strengthening."
- Agnes, Cancer Survivour, LGFB Volunteer

LGFB Workshop Moments

If you aren’t a cosmetic professional, there are other opportunities for you to get involved with Look Good Feel Better. You can:


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