30th retrospective

Thirty years ago, a group of dedicated and passionate people came together with the mission to uplift women diagnosed with cancer. Knowing the power in feeling like yourself, our workshops were born. 

Since then, 300,000 women have attended a workshop, learned to manage the appearance related effects of cancer—and most importantly—found a community to lean on for support. Whether a new friend or a tried-and-true supporter, we wouldn’t have made it this far without our community—thank you. 

As we look ahead to the future and what is next for us, we think it’s only right to look back at where we started and speak to those who know us so well. 



MK_OK.png Christine Ransom - Mary Kay Cosmetics

When Mary Kay Ash founded her eponymous beauty company in 1963, making the world a better place was a central tenant of the brand. Nearly 60 years later, and Mary Kay Cosmetics continues to embody this by uplifting and supporting women facing cancer. With many friends at Mary Kay Cosmetics—like Look Good Feel Better’s Chair, Lynda Rose, the late Sharon Coburn, and nearly 600 Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultants who make up half of LGFB’s volunteer team—the beauty brand’s commitment to bettering the world continues to beautifully impact Look Good Feel Better. Read More


Shiseido.png Louanne McGrory - Shiseido Canada

Founded on the multi-faceted Japanese value of omotenashi—meaning, among many things, service from the bottom of the heart—Shiseido Canada does more than just promise compassion; they lead with it. As a culture that emphasizes honesty and community, it’s no wonder that Shiseido Canada has a hand in shaping Look Good Feel Better to what it is today. Thanks to the unwavering commitment and leadership of Louanne McGrory, President of Shiseido Canada, as well as the glowing support of staff, Look Good Feel Better is fueled by omotenashi. Read More


Estee.png Éric Douilhet - Estée Lauder

“Beauty Inspired, Values Driven” is more than just a goal for Estee Lauder; it is at the core of who they are. A belief that is intentionally folded into the brand’s ethos, this powerful statement shows up in all the choices the organization makes—including their commitment to Look Good Feel Better. This partnership has remained central to Estee Lauder’s commitment to providing support and resources to empower women diagnosed with cancer—a point of pride for both the staff at Estee Lauder as well as General Manager (Canada), Eric Douilhet, who has a close affinity for uplifting those diagnosed with cancer. Read More


L'Oreal.png Doriane Dalati - L’Oréal Canada

No organization knows the power of empathy better than L’Oreal Canada. With their signature tagline, ‘create the beauty that moves the world’, L’Oreal Canada has been a champion for inclusivity, empowerment, and community for Look Good Feel Better. Under the leadership of Doriane Dalati, Vice President, Chief Corporate Communications Officer, and Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer, who’s journey with cancer led to a global Empathy Project, as well as the steadfast support by staff, L’Oreal’s commitment to empowering women facing cancer has grown exponentially over the years. Read More


Benefit.png Deny Difelice – Benefit Cosmetics

Have you ever wondered what makes the partnership between Look Good Feel Better and Benefit Cosmetics so beautiful? A shared belief that laughter is the best cosmetic. Benefit Cosmetics fulfils this not only in their products and company culture, but through their unwavering dedication to empowering women and teens diagnosed with cancer. The personal experiences of Deny DiFelice, General Manager of Canada and Mexico, as well as the teamwork of their staff members only further adds to the mission of ensuring women facing cancer feel like their beautiful selves. Read More


In awe of our community_BIL.png Thank you to our donors, partners and supporters

Investing in the health and wellbeing of women and teens facing cancer benefits more than just the individual; when a woman feels the joy of feeling like herself again it positively impacts her community as well. To our donors who have been with us from the beginning to our newest partners, thank you for being by our side. We couldn’t do it without your support. Read More


Volunteers.png To our family of volunteers

Look Good Feel Better volunteers and team leads teach us that the impact of compassion is truly invaluable. For 30 years, Look Good Feel Better volunteers have ensured that every woman who enters a workshop, whether that is online or in-person, leaves feeling like themselves again. How can we ever properly thank those who have a direct hand in supporting women and teens diagnosed with cancer? While no words can match the dedication and care of our volunteers, we thank each and every one who makes our community a beautiful resource for women diagnosed with cancer. Read More


MirrorBall.png Mark your calendar – Mirror Ball Virtual Toast

What’s a milestone anniversary without a little celebration? Just another day! Look Good Feel Better has been able to positively impact women and teens with cancer, but only with the help from people like you! If you’re as excited as we are to raise a glass for the women—and community—we love, join us on Thursday November 18 at 5:00 pm EST. Click here for more information.

You can make a difference