Shiseido Canada: Leading with Heart


Shiseido Canada: Leading with Heart

Oct. 4, 2021 | by Tania Amardeil

Founded in Japan in 1872, Shiseido is one of the oldest cosmetics companies in the world. One of the concepts that it has held close for decades is omotenashi – the idea of Japanese hospitality. “Omote” means public face and “nashi” means nothing, and together the words mean that every service comes from the bottom of the heart, with full honesty and transparency, and no hiding or pretence. 

“To us, omotenashi is the key to touching the hearts of our customers around the world,” says Louanne McGrory, President of Shiseido Canada. “We touch hearts by helping one another and helping people in need. Our connection to Look Good Feel Better is a very natural fit.”

A long-time partnership and commitment 

Shiseido Canada has been a long-time champion of Look Good Feel Better (LGFB). “Having a strong commitment to women is part of our DNA,” says McGrory. “I feel proud, inspired, and encouraged because we're helping to make a difference. LGFB’s work is so crucial. Many of our employees have had journeys with cancer, too, and LGFB has been there for them.”

Shiseido’s mission and values mesh well with LGFB’s. “Our mission is ‘beauty innovations for a better world,’” says McGrory. “As part of our way of doing business, we’ve created a segment called ‘the beauty of helping others,’ in which we do work to help our community and individuals in need, treating them with respect and really putting in effort to make a difference. It's not about business – it’s more than that. And LGFB has been part of what we've done now for the last 30 years, from the very beginning.”

Understanding the impact of giving back

The long-standing partnership between Shiseido Canada and LGFB has been a win-win for all involved – the company, the women that LGFB serves, and Shiseido customers.

“The partnership has been important for our employees as well as for me personally, but equally for those who we give to,” says McGrory. “When you think about the patients going through their journey with cancer, they really need support and encouragement, and LGFB’s workshops have been the key elements that encourage women and give them confidence to face what they're facing.”

McGrory is also conscious of the public’s perception of Shiseido, and the importance of omotenashi. “As consumers, today we expect more from brands than just being a business,” she says. “It's not about sales and profitability. We want to make sure that companies are giving back, focusing on sustainability, and helping others.”

An inspiring and proud dedication

Working with LGFB is also rewarding to McGrory on a personal level. “This is my way of giving back,” she says. “I get an enormous amount of personal satisfaction from this partnership and it’s a heart-warming experience to support LGFB, because we get to be the driving force that enables cancer patients to feel better about themselves. I never lose sight of the goal.”

McGrory is pleased to be Vice Chair of LGFB’s Board of Directors, where she provides passionate support and leadership. She’s also the proud Chair of the Mirror Ball, a LGFB fundraiser that brings together hundreds of executives to raise critical funds for the cause. 

“For me this is a forever job,” says McGrory. “It's not something I'm doing because I have a term – it’s something that I will be part of for as long LGFB exists. To me this is something worth fighting for, it's something worth building, and it's something worth maintaining.”