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Life with Cancer: The Power of Good Hair and Good Friends

I was far more concerned with being healthy than I was with my appearance, but having my appearance change so drastically undoubtedly had an effect on me.

Aug. 1, 2023 | by Tania Amardeil

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How I Realized I Wasn't Alone and Learned to Accept Uncertainty

During chemo, Chad shaved my head for me. I thought it would be traumatic – I loved my long brown hair – but it ended up being a beautiful moment. Christopher held my hand the whole time and said, “You’re doing great, mama. You look beautiful.”

July 21, 2023 | by Tania Amardeil

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I’m Not Just My Cancer – I’m So Much More

I talked to my psychiatrist and he pointed out that while doctors treat the illness, it’s important to look at the person as a whole – how they feel about themselves and how they look at themselves. I agree.

June 26, 2023 | by Tania Amardeil

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From Workouts to Workshops – Finding Ease in My Cancer Journey

When I suddenly stopped showing up at the gym every day, people noticed – and when I finally came back after 15 months of cancer treatment, they all wanted to know where I’d been.I tell everyone what’s going on. And it has helped me connect with so many other people who faced cancer.

May 17, 2023 | by Tania Amardeil

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