The best medicine doesn't always come in a bottle

At Look Good Feel Better, we know that true health care treats the whole person - not just the physical, but the emotional and psychological aspects too. Research and medical treatments are priorities but there is a growing gap in care for the psychosocial needs of patients facing a cancer diagnosis and treatment - emotional fallout from cancer is often overlooked.

Perhaps the most challenging thing about a cancer diagnosis is not the disease itself, but the loss of identity that comes with it. A person is no longer the parent, sibling, spouse or colleague, they are the cancer patient. The disease can rob them of their sense of self.



Look Good Feel Better offers complimentary workshops that give Canadians the tools and techniques to feel confident and empowered. Our programming provides proven health benefits to those facing all cancers, by increasing confidence, well-being, and positive self-image.

As we continue our efforts, more programming in the supportive care framework are needed, which requires funding: this is where you come in.

Please help us continue to deliver our vital programming to ensure all those, facing all cancers, feel supported through their experience. Tell someone you love about LGFB.


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