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Archive – May 2018

WINK for Inspiring Women Like Amirlyn

For #WinkDay on June 14, she’s winking to let women know Look Good Feel Better exists and that they don’t have to go through this alone.
You can help women like Amirlyn by posting your best wink to social media with #WINKDay. For every post, Shoppers Drug Mart will donate $5 to Look Good Feel Better, helping women with cancer feel like themselves again.


May 31, 2018 | by

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I Got It from My Mama

With May being the month of celebrating Mothers (although it should be all year round), this blog is dedicated to the woman who held the table I leaned on for me during lumbar punctures; the woman who would run over to me while I threw up even when I wanted her nowhere near me; the woman who knew how not to treat me differently; the woman who kept it all together even when it felt impossible – I am PROUD to call her my Mom.

May 23, 2018 | by Adriana Lombardo

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Teachings Learned From Wearing My Headscarf

It is still a mystery why it has bothered me so much to wear my headscarves since I started growing my hair after chemotherapy treatments. I repeatedly expressed that I felt I had lost the right to wear such a symbol used by many cancer thrivers to reclaim a sense of beauty and power for themselves. I believe it was also an attempt on my part to avoid the judgment of others and of myself. 


May 23, 2018 | by Gabrielle Fecteau

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