Dianne's Key Ingredients for Life: Pass…


Dianne's Key Ingredients for Life: Passion & Purpose

Oct. 8, 2020 | by Madina Tabesh

Finding your passion is a life-long journey for many.  But Dianne Gamble found hers more than 35 years ago when she opened her mastectomy store.   


Dianne began her career in social work but quickly realized that her calling was to help women facing breast cancer feel like the best version of themselves. While there are many standout stories, Dianne remembers a moment a few years ago as a truly special one. A young woman in her twenties came in after being diagnosed with breast cancer and undergoing a mastectomy, all while planning her wedding. Determined to make her special day a reality, she brought in her wedding dress to find the perfect bra and prosthesis. After helping the young bride feel ready for her big day, Dianne instantly saw her beaming with confidence. She says, “together we made the impossible—possible and her confidence was restored!”


This desire to help restore women’s confidence also underpins Dianne’s work with Look Good Feel Better®. After leading the breast care workshops in her hometown of Brampton, Ontario, Dianne brings her expertise and passion to the online breast care workshops! The hour-long workshop kicked off on September 22nd and allows more women across Canada to get the vital information and care that Dianne brings to the in-person workshops. 


Dianne says she is excited to deliver this necessary workshop to a wider audience and in more remote regions. “Sometimes people are shy in person or they have children or elderly parents to take care of. With the online workshops, everyone can attend when it works for their schedule. There is also no pressure to participate, they can just attend and watch. But the information is just as valuable, so you don’t miss out on anything”, says Dianne.


With the breast care workshops now available online, participants will receive all the information that fits their needs. From figuring out what is needed for a properly fitting bra, whether that is due to a double mastectomy, , or reconstructive surgery, to what type of prosthesis is available based on your individual needs, what possible funding is available to you, and even what important questions to ask your certified mastectomy specialist.


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