A Three-Time Cancer Thriver, or How Car…


A Three-Time Cancer Thriver, or How Caroline Gives Back to Her Community

Aug. 19, 2020 | by Marsha Roc-Malychenkova

Caroline will brighten up your day with her beautiful energy and genuine kindness!  A LGFB volunteer, Caroline loves helping women going through cancer feel better. To her, there is no better way to give back. When she started volunteering, Caroline was a two-time cancer survivor and has since gone through a third diagnosis. 

Her most special moment during a workshop is when a woman looks in the mirror and smiles. “Usually, after drawing their eyebrows back, a lot of women tell me that they finally feel like themselves again.  Having the ability to give that feeling to any woman going through cancer is truly priceless.” she says.

She describes the atmosphere at the workshop as magical. “Knowing that you are not alone and that you are not the only one experiencing an array of side effects is so important. At the end of the day, we are all different, but we have on thing in common, we fight the same battle and we all want to win it”.

As a proud Shoppers Drug Mart employee, Caroline loves WINKDay and what the campaign represents. “At SDM, women’s health, physical as much as mental, is our cornerstone. Women are pillars of our communities and families, and it is essential to take care of them. LGFB and SDM have this beautiful synergy and WINKDay is such a fun and engaging way to bring awareness to this amazing program”. She adds “Wherever you are in your journey, knowing that you are not alone is key to recovery.”


Every year, Caroline engages her clients to WINK and post their selfies on social media in support of women facing cancer, and this year is no exception.

Join her from August 16 to August 20 and post your best WINK to unlock a $5 donation the LOVE YOU by Shoppers Drug MartTM program in support of LGFB. Don’t forget to tag @LGFBCanada, #WINKDay, and #WINKFromHome. We can’t wait to see your WINKs!