Celebrating Our Community: The Universa…


Celebrating Our Community: The Universality of WINKing

Aug. 17, 2020 | by Madina Tabesh

Fifteen years ago, Erinn Danyluk’s best friend was diagnosed with breast cancer. A shy and introverted woman by nature, she—like most women facing cancer—was hesitant to ask for help. After being convinced to attend a Look Good Feel Better workshop, the once reserved friend left the two hour in-person session and exclaimed, “LOOK, EYEBROWS!”

That was Erinn’s first introduction to Look Good Feel Better. After a short stint on a volunteer waitlist, a spot opened for Erinn at a cancer center in her city. With her children now a little bit older, Erinn enthusiastically joined with the hopes to recreate that same elated feeling her friend experienced fifteen years prior.

“I love being a volunteer, the time I spend each month means so much, to not only the women facing cancer, but to their families as well.”



Shari Mogg first heard of Look Good Feel Better twenty-one years ago when a family member was diagnosed with cancer. A few years later, she attended a workshop as a caregiver for one of her close friends. With nearly 20 eager women ready for the program to start, they learned that there was a shortage of volunteers to deliver the workshop.

A makeup artist by trade, and inspired by her friend’s encouragement, Shari jumped up at the chance to help women facing cancer feel more like themselves again. Excited and slightly nervous at her impromptu lesson, Shari went through all the Look Good Feel Better Signature Steps and realized they were identical to what she would do as a professional makeup artist! This is when she decided to go through the LGFB training to officially become a volunteer.


Not only are Shari and Erinn amazing Look Good Feel Better volunteers, but they are also long time Shoppers Drug Mart employees! This unique experience allows Shari and Erinn to understand the importance of #WINKDay.

From August 16th to August 20th, Look Good Feel Better and Shoppers Drug Mart are teaming up for #WINKDay. For every selfie on social media (Instagram, Facebook and Twitter) showing your best WINK, the LOVE YOU by Shoppers Drug Mart program will donate $5 to Look Good Feel Better, helping women facing cancer feel like themselves again.

Both Shari and Erinn, who live in opposite ends of the country, take great pride in being a Look Good Feel Better volunteer and Shoppers Drug Mart employees. Shari notes that, “if you WINK, you tend to smile, which to me, is a universal signal. Even under a mask and during COVID, we can support women facing cancer just by taking a selfie when we WINK.”

“Women’s health is a priority, because women are often the caregivers and backbone of their families as well as their community. Yet, we never take care of ourselves! When you take care of yourself, you can take care of others. Both Look Good Feel Better and the LOVE YOU by Shoppers Drug Mart program really value and promote self care” says Erinn.



“We’re giving them hope”, says Shari, “when they’re in that room with other women facing cancer, it’s female empowerment. Even if it is just for two hours, it’s two hours of freedom.” Similarly, Shari notes helping women feel empowered when they come into a Shoppers Drug Mart for help before a big day, like an interview or a birthday party and find products that work for their needs.

Makeup has the power to give people a greater sense of self and control. This holds true especially for women undergoing treatment. Both Shari and Erinn see the change in women who enter a Look Good Feel Better workshop timid; but by the power of community and a little bit of makeup, leave feeling exuberant and full of energy.

From August 16th to August 20th, don’t forget to post a selfie of your WINK with #WINKDay and #WINKfromhome to support women facing cancer feel more like themselves again and unlock a $5 donation from the LOVE YOU by Shoppers Drug Mart program.