How to make chemo manageable


How to make chemo manageable

June 29, 2017 | by Lindsey Finkelstein

I've come to realize that chemo would be so extremely different if I wasn't surrounded by the people who constantly make me smile and laugh.

At some of my chemo sessions, I'm joined by a very special guest - my sister.

Throughout this whole experience/journey/nightmare, really - whatever you want to call it - my sister has been my ride-or-die.

She has kept me sane, she has kept me humane and she does it all with a silly smile on her face.

When I first was diagnosed, Andrea was the first person I called.

To be honest, I knew there was nothing she could say other than "OH FK, IT'S CANCER?!" but she somehow still managed to make me laugh and promised to tackle it together. 

My sister, although seven years older than me, is truly my best friend and one of the only individuals who knows how to genuinely take a shitty sitation and turn it into something lively and exciting (hence: my BOOBLERETTE). 

I really do realize how lucky I am to call her mine. Andrea, you are the most absolute caring, selfless woman that I know. You turn cloudy days,  brighter and you do it with the best attitude. I love you Andrea. May we only celebrate more days KICKING CANCER'S ASS.

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How to have fun with cancer

My name is Lindsey Finkelstein and on October 7, 2016 I was diagnosed with invasive breast cancer at just 22-years-old. It was hard to grasp at first, but it’s since helped me find the beauty and joy in everyday activities. I’m sharing my experience, so I can show you #howtohavefunwithcancer and help anyone else going through a similar situation.