3 Tips to Get the Perfect #WINKDay Self…


3 Tips to Get the Perfect #WINKDay Selfie!

June 12, 2019 | by Lumen Beltran

Tomorrow is #WINKDay! Post your best winking selfie to social media with #WINKDay and for each post the Shoppers Drug Mart SHOPPERS. LOVE. YOU. program will donate $5 to Look Good Feel Better, helping women and teens with cancer feel like themselves again!


Nailing that insta-worthy selfie can be quite the hassle. After all, there are a ton of factors involved in taking the perfect selfie. Lighting, angles, and your surroundings all play a role in capturing your inner glow. Adding a friendly wink to the mix can make it a smidge more difficult to snap.


But if that winking selfie can help women with cancer feel like themselves again, who wouldn’t be up for the challenge? It’s the most selfless selfie you can take!


Read on for 3 of my top tips to take your winking selfie game to the next level.


1. Lots of Light


Natural lighting is your best friend when it comes to selfies. Standing by a large, open window will illuminate areas of your face that tend to have more shadow, including your undereye area. Or, you can even walk outdoors to capture the sun’s glow. Just make sure you’ve applied sunscreen, of course. My favourite time of day for selfie-ing is golden hour. It really brings out your complexion! Plus, you’re avoiding the harsh midday light that can overexpose a photo and wash you out.


2. All About Angles


Playing around with selfie angles can help you find your best one. If you’re stuck, try taking your selfies from an upwards angle and turning your face slightly to the side. Trust me on this one. You’re sure to find a selfie worth loads of double taps!


Pro tip: When you think you’ve taken enough selfies, take a few more from different angles. It’s always better to have a large selection of photos to choose from and post a selfie that you really love, as opposed to a few “meh” selfies that don’t put your best face forward.


3. Makeup is Magic!


If you’ve been to a Look Good Feel Better workshop, you’ll know exactly what I mean when I say, “Makeup is magic”. A confidence boost using cosmetics will definitely translate on camera. Try applying some eyeshadow (purple is our favourite!), eyeliner, and mascara to your pretty peepers using the LGFB Signature Steps. You’ll find that they’ll brighten up your eyes, making your selfie stand out. If you’re feeling adventurous, pair your freshly applied eyeshadow look with your favourite lipstick shade. Don’t forget to smile! J


If you haven’t been to an LGFB workshop yet, that’s okay! It’s super easy to register. Simply log on www.lgfb.ca and select the one that works best with your schedule. Our team of volunteers would love to show you how to bring out your inner glow using a few tips and tricks.


But wait …


Here you are, with your phone camera ready to go. You’re wearing a fantastic outfit. You’ve found natural lighting, tried different angles, and you’ve even taken the time to apply some makeup. But there’s just one teeny tiny problem.


You can’t wink. (And yes, you’ve already tried both eyes.)


If you can’t manage to get the wink down to a science, don’t worry! We have backup. And by backup, I mean your nearest Shoppers beauty expert. (Or should I say superhero?) Head over to a Shoppers Drug Mart that’s most convenient for you, and your local superhero can provide you with a WINK stick to make it easier to share your selfless selfie.


Oh, and don’t forget to tag your selfie with #WINKDay and @LGFBCanada. We can’t wait to see it! ;)