My ultimate fight


My ultimate fight

June 14, 2019 | by Marsha Roc-Malychenkova

On December 17, at the age of 48, Josée was diagnosed with a Sarcoma cancer, a very rare form of cancer that usually affects men, 50 years and older and tall. "I'm 135 pounds, I don’t smoke, and I was in good health," says Josée, "it was a real shock and a total misunderstanding”. Josée defines herself as a person who loves life, who is always positive, hardworking, athletic and who likes to be surrounded by people. Her life changed without warning ...

She was referred to a wonderful doctor to whom she entrusts her life with a feeling of relief and hope. The treatment plan will be a chemotherapy of 6 weeks followed by a big surgery.

"I am allowed to go on vacation for the holidays, but my treatment should start when I get back. "

2019 starts and with it, the chemotherapy treatments. Josée starts to lose her hair, eyelashes, and eyebrows. She was advised to participate in a Look Good Feel Better workshop at the hospital. She registered immediately because "I am a girl who likes these things and I was curious to discover the content and information that I could receive. "

Happy to have made this decision, she thinks the workshop is fantastic. She met other women who were also looking for a moment of respite and happiness. She realizes that she is not alone in the disease and that the other participants are experiencing the same thing, which has been very inspiring for her. "I thought if they can do it, then me too! It inspired me a lot. " She discovers and learns all the tools and techniques that will help her feel like herself again during the illness. "I found it very useful because I always put on some makeup and today, I have to do it differently and take into account the advice that I was given on cosmetic hygiene, for example. In addition, we leave with a nice kit of products which makes us even happier and we need happiness in our lives. "

Today, she recommends the workshop to all the women she meets, because "every woman with cancer deserves to participate for her well-being and self-esteem". To her, it is really important because even if the disease is not easy to live with, feeling beautiful really brings positive energy on bad days. “Of course, some days I don’t feel like good, there are ups and downs, but applying the techniques I’ve learned during the workshop make me feel good!”.

Inspired by the organization and what we offer, Josée decides to organize a fundraiser and give a portion of the benefits to LGFB. "It's an organization that has helped me so much and all the workshops are volunteer-based, which I find amazing. I wanted to share the news and talk about it around me to raise awareness about the program. So many other women could benefit from the positive impact of this workshop. For me, it was important to spread the word. " One of her friends has even become a LGFB volunteer after this event, which makes her (and us!) very happy.

While waiting for her surgery, Josée continues her journey and her life using the products and the tools that she learned during the workshop. Staying optimistic and surrounding yourself with positive people is essential for her, to keep good energy.

"I have always called my cancer the ultimate 6-round fight and I won all of them! The treatments worked well! I still have the next fight for the championship, my surgery."

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