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Articles by Lumen Beltran

“You can tell that glow didn’t come from the makeup”: My first time volunteering in a LGFB workshop

The beauty industry is not just skin-deep, contrary to popular belief. In the midst of all the glitz and glamour, you’ll find that it can also be deeply empowering. Think about the last time you’ve had a bad day. What did you do? Perhaps you had a warm bath with a cup of your favourite tea and a hydrating face mask on. Or maybe, you sought after a mini makeover at your go-to beauty counter to give yourself a little confidence boost.

June 18, 2019 | by Lumen Beltran

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3 Tips to Get the Perfect #WINKDay Selfie!

Nailing that insta-worthy selfie can be quite the hassle. After all, there are a ton of factors involved in taking the perfect selfie. Lighting, angles, and your surroundings all play a role in capturing your inner glow. Adding a friendly wink to the mix can make it a smidge more difficult to snap.

But if that winking selfie can help women with cancer feel like themselves again, who wouldn’t be up for the challenge? It’s the most selfless selfie you can take!

Read on for 3 of my top tips to take your winking selfie game to the next level.

June 12, 2019 | by Lumen Beltran

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