LGFB and Gorgeous You: Helping women fe…


LGFB and Gorgeous You: Helping women feel their best

Jan. 10, 2019 | by Marsha Roc-Malychenkova


Kendra and Lori met in business school many years ago. Very good friends ever since, they’ve shared every important milestone of their respective lives together, including the hardest ones.


When Lori was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 37 years old, Kendra became a strong support and helped her going through her treatment and double mastectomy. Having experienced the loss of her mother and best friend through cancer at a young age, Kendra knew how to best support Lori through this difficult time. 


Over the last 10 years, Lori had to learn how to live with her new body, as well as all the physical and emotional impacts that come with a cancer diagnosis. With the ongoing support of her dear friend as they navigated this new space together, Gorgeous You was created - an online retailer providing fashionable and functional items to Canadian women living with cancer.



“We’ve often talked about starting some sort of business together and the concept of Gorgeous You came up in all the conversations and all the experiences that we had together,” says Lori. “We wanted to provide all women facing all cancers a sense of normalcy and dignity, in an easy environment.”


Look Good Feel Better has crossed Kendra and Lori’s paths several times throughout the years, both personally and professionally.


“When my mother was going through breast cancer herself 17 years ago, she attended a Look Good Feel Better workshop and ended up meeting a woman who turned out to be one of our neighbours,” she remembers. “After the workshop, they decided to travel together to and from their treatment - which was a 40 minute drive from home - and it just became a wonderful support and an amazing friendship,” she says.


A lot of their clients have also shared with them their positive experiences with Look Good Feel Better.


“I remember a woman coming to our booth at a Bra Day Event, she had just attended a LGFB workshop and had applied the tips and techniques she learned,” Kendra relates. “We couldn’t help but notice that she looked amazing, she did not look sick at all. She was happy and confident and so glad that we noticed how incredible she was looking.”


It's important to both Kendra and Lori that they give back to Look Good Feel Better, a program which has both personally impacted them and continues to support the women they serve through their business every day.


From January 14 to March 31st, Gorgeous will donate 15% of all hats sales to Look Good Feel Better in support of women facing cancer. We thank Gorgeous You for helping us raise funds and share the Look Good Feel Better story so we can reach even more women facing cancer.


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