Give Together, Grow Together


Give Together, Grow Together

Oct. 9, 2021 | by Kelly Jessop

My sister Kathleen would light up any room she walked into—with a beautiful smile and crystal blue eyes, she was my protector and best friend.  I admired who she was, and was so incredibly proud to have her as my ‘big sister’. 

She was 26 and planning her summer wedding when she was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in 1993.  She was brave and courageous and optimistic that she would overcome this disease.  I remember returning home from university, and visibly seeing the effects of the treatment, and thinking how incredibly strong she was as she battled through the disease.  She was determined to beat cancer, and enjoy life with her new husband Tony and family.  She was always checking with us, to see how we were doing, which was typical of Kathleen - she was concerned with how it would affect us and showed more strength than any of us could manage during her 18-month battle.

During this time, no one was really talking about mental health and the toll on the patient and family.   My family and I didn’t have the language then to say why she came back happier from a Look Good Feel Better workshop, but we knew it worked some magic, and we saw those bright blue eyes light up again!   It lifted her spirits, and helped her feel ‘good’ about herself, which felt like a ‘gift’ at the time, that breaks up the heaviness of fighting a disease like cancer.

That’s why it fills me with pride to be a part of an organization that cares and prioritizes women’s health the way Shoppers Drug Mart does. As a champion of Look Good Feel Better, Shoppers Drug Mart places incredible importance on supporting women’s health, both the physical as well as the mental. Knowing that there are women like my sister Kathleen, across Canada that continue to be positively impacted by Look Good Feel Better puts into perspective for me how crucial our support is.  Both for the woman herself - as well as her family.