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Archive – April 2017

Fertility: A sensitive, but relevant subject in the cancer community

Cancer grips our lives unexpectedly, even more so for the young who are expecting a long and bright future. Cancer robs us of our future sometimes, and for most, the ability to even think long-term. I was privy to this experience when I was diagnosed with leukemia at 21.

April 4, 2017 | by Ashlinn Sarah Jane

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Oncology Nursing Day: Celebrating LGFB's major supporters

Brampton’s Lollita Rahaman, clinical nurse educator at William Osler Health System, can easily recall one of the most difficult moments from her nearly 20-year career of working the oncology floor. "I remember one patient in particular, who didn't have a good prognosis," Lollita said.

April 3, 2017 | by Larissa Cahute

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