Meet Sout


Meet Sout

March 28, 2024 | by Tania Amardeil

Sout's story is one of strength and independence. As a first-generation immigrant from Laos who moved to Canada when she was 19 years old, she chose to face her diagnosis alone, sparing her distant family from the weight of her struggles. In this solo journey, Look Good Feel Better emerged as an undeniable ally.

"The essence of who I am is a helper. I've always been there for others, offering a hand in difficult times. When I got diagnosed with cancer, Look Good Feel Better became a support network I could rely on—a source of strength and normalcy amid uncertainty."

For Sout, maintaining a positive appearance became a way to shield loved ones from worry. She didn’t want to appear sick so that people wouldn’t feel sorry for her and be concerned.

The decision to shave her head, steeped in cultural significance, became a moment of liberation for Sout. It connected her with family across borders and anchored her to her roots. Attending a LGFB workshop also became an empowering moment in her journey.

“Connecting with the participants and the volunteers during the workshop was wonderful. Everyone was so kind, which was truly heart-warming – especially when you’re by yourself like I’ve mostly been throughout this experience.”

In the face of isolation, Sout found humanity and warmth in the camaraderie of Look Good Feel Better. It's a tribute to the program's ability to provide support beyond practical tips and tools. It illustrates the profound and transformative impact of Look Good Feel Better and our community of generous donors and volunteers who make our programs possible.