How I went from being a teenager facing…


How I went from being a teenager facing cancer alone to finding my!

Nov. 30, 2020 | by Sarah Issa

Eighteen is not what I had imagined it to be. While my plans were to start university in the Fall of 2020, cancer had a different plan for me. For a few months, I felt a bump growing above my knee. Doctors tried to put me at ease, telling me that it was nothing to worry about. But once COVID came around, I knew that it was no benign bump and no time to not take my health seriously.

After several ultrasounds and scans, I was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma in my left femur and began six rounds of chemotherapy. My care team did a great job of guiding me through the treatment plan, explaining what would come next and what to expect.  But I felt otherwise alone facing cancer at my young age. I knew no one going through what I was going through. Everyone I knew my age was starting classes in the fall; I was trying to deal with sallow under eyes and the pale face from treatment. Cancer was treating my body and mind as a physical and emotional battle ground.

Although I often had days where I felt ‘fine’, my thinning hair, sparse lashes and eyebrows told a different story. As quickly as the feeling came, one look in the mirror and I no longer saw myself. That was until my Social Worker recommended attending a Look Good Feel Better ® workshop. They explained to me that there were workshops specifically for teens like me with similar experiences, and I could learn how to handle the physical changes that were happening to me.

Little did I know what was to come from the workshops. I not only learned what types of products to use for my needs, how to deal with my sallow skin, sparse eyebrows, lashes, and do fun makeup looks, but I also found myself reflected back in the group. While I admit I am a bit too shy to strike up conversations with the other teens right now, it means so much to me to see other girls my age going through what I am going through. It sometimes feels like you are getting ready with your girlfriends to go out; we will be giving each other tips, tricks, and compliments about our looks while the amazing volunteers encourage us to get creative. In between feeling queasy and drained from chemotherapy, where I routinely go alone due to COVID guidelines, the workshops are a refuge.

When I feel discouraged about what I am going through and how I look, I try to get creative with my makeup with tips I learned from the LGFB workshops and I don’t feel so bad anymore. When you are a new cancer patient, changes to your appearance can be the toughest aspect to handle. When I started gaining control over my appearance, I started gaining back control over my mental health too. Before I had no clue where to start with feeling better. Now I will get a fun colourful wig or scarf and try to match my eyebrows and lipstick to it!

To any teens newly diagnosed who are reading this: reach out and sign up for a workshop. I know you probably do not think others can feel what you are feeling but trust me when I tell you there is an amazing community waiting for you here. You do not deserve to go through cancer alone.

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