Beauty gives back

All for the better

25 years of giving back:

How an industry rallied together for the cause of womanhood


A quarter-century ago, the Canadian Cosmetic Industry’s Association had an idea. It came from a belief that if they can help a woman with cancer look good, chances are she’ll feel better. With her spirits lifted, she’ll be empowered to face her illness with renewed strength and greater confidence.

It was an idea that the industry could all support, a new framework that gave them the opportunity to offer more than a product. A chance to make a greater, more positive impact on women than ever before, and to truly give something back. 

This is how Look Good Feel Better was brought to Canada.

The Case for Support

Beauty Gives Back is a feel-good industry using what they collectively know about women and how to make them look good and feel better everyday. BGB counts 95 per cent of Canadian women as customers and refuses to abandon those same women when they’re fighting for their lives against cancer. By supporting Look Good Feel Better, BGB has dedicated itself to treating the emotional fallout from cancer. Using its knowledge, experience, expertise and resources, it’s doing what women rely on it to do – make them feel human again in the face of cancer and its treatment.

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