We need your feedback!

At LGFB, we are continuing to develop our programming to ensure it is reflective of everyone’s needs.

Men’s Resources: Are you a man who has faced or is facing cancer?  Please share your experiences on the appearance-related side effects of treatment to help us build resources and programming specifically for you. Please complete this short survey. Click here.

Resources for Black, Indigenous and Women of colour: LGFB is working to ensure our programming is inclusive and reflective of everyone’s cancer journey.  As such, we are asking those who identify as Black, Indigenous, and Women of Colour to share their unique experiences around the appearance-related impacts of cancer. Click here to complete the survey.

Women in Post-Treatment:  Were you prepared for hair re-growth?  Did your skin change after treatment?  What supports would have benefited you post-treatment to better manage appearance-related changes.  Share with us your experience post-treatment to help us build the best resources to care for you after your treatment is over by taking this short survey. Click here.

Thank you adding your voice and input as we strive to build a community of support for all.