Our Signature Steps

Looking good and feeling better

Our Signature Steps is a wellness program we created to help you feel like yourself again. 

­­­­­We can help you take charge of how you look and feel during your cancer journey, from learning how to choose a wig or tie a headscarf to recreating the look of lost eyebrows. These easy techniques will help you reclaim your sense of self so you can face cancer with confidence. It’s a chance to be yourself again.

Contact us if you are unable to attend a workshop and would like to be sent a copy of our Signature Steps Guide.

Our Signature Steps


We hope the information outlined here will help you find ways to manage the appearance-related effects of cancer treatment.

This is not intended to replace medical care in any way. The information provided is meant to support the advice from your healthcare team. You should always consult your healthcare practitioner with any questions or concerns.