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With gratitude

Since 2001, Mary Kay Canada and their dedicated Independent Beauty Consultants have been champions for our programs that help women facing cancer feel more like themselves again. We’re forever filled with gratitude for the life-changing work we've been able to do with the support of Mary Kay.  Your donation will allow us to expand our programs to reach even more women. 

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With your investment, we will expand the breadth of our online programs and increase our capacity based on what women are asking for. The following offerings-as funding becomes available, will be rolled out throughout 2020 and 2021: 

  • Enhanced skin program related to post treatment 
  • Back to work transition 
  • Health and wellness segments (self-care, stress management) 
  • Increase our supportive care content online 
  • Provide workshops in additional languages 
  • Safely reopen in-person workshops with appropriate training and tools as identified by our hospital sites 
  • Continue to offer and grow the online workshop to reach women we could not have reached before, including rural and remote communities 


“Be a giver, not a getter. Seek for the good in everyone, and everything. Do at least one good deed every day, one that you don’t have to do.” - Mary Kay Ash 


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