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Over 25 years of giving back:

How an industry rallied together for the cause of womanhood

Over a quarter-century ago, the Canadian Cosmetic Industry’s Association had an idea. It came from a belief that if they can help a woman with cancer look good, chances are she’ll feel better. With her spirits lifted, she’ll be empowered to face her illness with renewed strength and greater confidence.

It was an idea that the industry could all support, a new framework that gave them the opportunity to offer more than a product. A chance to make a greater, more positive impact on women than ever before, and to truly give something back. 

This is how Look Good Feel Better was brought to Canada.

Each year, we rely on the generosity of the industry to donate full-size products for our Confidence Kits. These products are vital teaching tools that help women in our Look Good Feel Better workshops feel like themselves again. You can help over 10,000 women and teens by donating cosmetic and personal care products to our workshop. From time to time, we may also be required to use some of the excess product for alternate intiatives such as: caregiver bags, volunteer recognition, fundraising and awareness events etc.

Our goal is to recieve all product donations by October 1, 2018. Below is a list of products and quantities we currently are in need of for our next round of workshop kits.


Specification Requirements
Features & Benefits
Light 4,500 Liquid, no spf Evens out skin tone and protects the skin from the environment.
Medium 6,370
Light 2,400 Moisturizing / no spf or brush required for application Conceals dark circles, broken capillaries and blemishes.
Medium 4,000
Dark 500
Light 4,190 Powder Gives a healthy glow to cheeks.
Medium 6,570
Dark 350
Brown Black/Black 4,500 Black / NOT waterproof Fills thinning or lost lashes.
Black 6,570
Very Black 500
Eyebrow Pencils
Light 800 Pencil that can be sharpened for hygiene purposes Define lost brows, adds expression to the face.
Medium 1400
Dark 353
Light 4,500 Pencil / sharpen for hygiene purposes / NOT liquid Helps to define the eyes and creates the illusion of lost lashes.
Medium 6,570
Dark 500
Lip Liner
Light 4,500 Creamy, easy to apply pencil that can be sharpened Helps to define lips.
Medium 6,570
Dark 500


Should you be interested in donating any products, or have further questions regarding product specifications, please contact:   Diana Signothahack

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