For 30 years, our programs have supported more than 250,000 Canadian women in their most
vulnerable moments with the LGFB complimentary workshops at the heart of their experience.

   Today we are being asked to reach even more Canadians with our programming. 
The time has come for our EVOLUTION.

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My journey with Look Good Feel Better started in 2017 after I became a cancer survivor as a teen. At first, I wasn’t sure how LGFB’s workshops were going to benefit me, because I thought I was over cancer.

I thought it was behind me.

But what I hadn’t realized at the time is that cancer was so much more than a diagnosis. It was so much more than day-in-and-day-out at the hospital. More than physical, cancer was also emotional. And it was psychological.

’’And this is what Look Good Feel Better first did for me. IT GAVE ME BACK CONTROL. But most of all, I LEARNED HOW TO CARE FOR MY SOUL.
The feeling is indescribable.’’

One of the most incredible things I’ve witnessed throughout my journey with Look Good Feel Better is the sheer power that coming together in community has.

When survivors come together in community, our energy is electric. We can conquer the world. My dream is for all Canadians facing cancer to have the same opportunity for support with LGFB, as I did.





Dear friends,

We are so proud of the impact we’ve had on the lives of the many women who’ve been part of our journey for the past 30 years. But there’s still more to do and we need your help to make our evolution possible.

As we prepare for the next 30 years, our goal is to expand our programming to be more inclusive of people of all genders, ages, different ethnic and cultural backgrounds and those in remote locations.

Many of you have played a key part in the Look Good Feel Better community for so long and are our strongest and most inspiring supporters –Thank You!

That’s why I’m so excited to INVITE YOU TO JOIN our incredible new group of   EVOLUTION LEADERS, who TOGETHER will usher in A NEW PHASE FOR LGFB.

LGFB is the only Canadian charity focused on dealing  with the appearance-related side effects of cancer. You know better than anyone that how a person looks and feels is so critical to facing cancer and critical for their overall health outcomes. You know that confidence and control are deeply empowering. You know what power there is in community.

For many years now we’ve been hearing from Canadians from all walks of life, backgrounds, genders and locations that they’d love to participate in our programs, but we haven’t had the capacity to reach them. That time has come, and we need your help to grow.

I hope you will join us as an Evolution Leader.

With gratitude,

Dee Diaz, CEO, Look Good Feel Better