Colour Accents

The addition of colour to your cheeks and lips helps to brighten and enhance your overall look; a perfect finishing touch.

Provides a vibrant healthy look.

  • Use only a small amount of blush; it’s easier to add colour than to remove it.
  • Smile! Add colour to the apple of your cheeks with a clean cotton ball.
  • Blend along the cheekbone in an upward motion toward the ear.
  • Use remaining blush on the forehead, chin and nose for a healthy glow.









Brightens your look, lifts your spirits and comforts dry lips.

  • Choose a creamy, moisturizing lip colour from the same colour family as your blush.
  • A light application of lip gloss will provide extra comfort to dry lips and adds the illusion of fullness.


  • If your lips are very dry, use a moisturizing lip balm at night.
  • Lip skin has very little protective pigment so use sun block product on your lips when outdoors.