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Surviving cancer isn’t done alone. Every survivor is surrounded by people who care – an unwavering network of support. Caregivers can be friends, family members, a medical professional or an online supporter. No matter who you are, your support makes a world of difference to a woman with cancer. She couldn’t do it without you.


Waneek Horn-Miller wears many hats: Olympic Athlete, model, community leader, mother, daughter, and caregiver. When her mother, Kahn-Tineta Horn, a fashion model and political activist in her own right, was diagnosed with cancer, the powerful figure knew that family and support would go far in Kahn-Tineta’s recovery. We sat down with the dynamic duo to learn more about their experience as patient and caregiver and learned about the gift of positive vibrations. 



We rely on caregivers like you to share our program with those close to you, so we can help more women with cancer feel like themselves again. Some  locations also allow a caregiver, friend or family member to attend the Look Good Feel Better workshop with their loved one, so they can keep offering the kind of support that makes a real difference. In order to maintain a safe and welcoming environment for the women attending, we ask that only female caregivers and loved ones attend.

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The Look Good Feel Better workshop is just the beginning. We encourage caregivers, participants, their friends and families to continue the conversation and connections started at LGFB by joining our online community, Facing Cancer Together. Become a blogger, or simply read and comment on the inspiring stories shared by other people in a similar situation. It’s a safe place to share your thoughts with a community you can relate to.

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