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Breast Care Program



“I was completely lost and ended up spending hundreds of dollars on ill-fitting bras and prostheses that were not right for me.”  

- Breast cancer survivor and survey respondent


The Look Good Feel Better workshop teaches valuable tools and techniques on skincare, hair and eyebrow loss, make-up tips and cosmetic hygiene to help women manage the appearance-related effects of cancer and its treatment.  

Our new Breast Care Program, offered in select workshops, helps women feel confident in returning to everyday activities, be it swimming, running, feeling comfortable in their clothes, or hugging their loved ones after breast cancer.

This segment of the workshop provides tips and resources on appropriate wear and fit for everyday bras during treatment and into recovery, while also providing detailed information on post-surgical bras and prostheses. 

Including in our traditional two-hour workshop, this 10-minute segment is open to women facing all types of cancer. Women not facing breast cancer have shared with us that they find the fitting information helpful and are eager to pass along the knowledge they have learned!


The Breast Care Program empowers women with greater information to help them feel more like themselves. What you will learn:

  • Fitting tips for all women
  • Bra options for post-surgery and radiation, compression and post-mastectomy bras
  • Breast forms/Prostheses
  • Initial and reconstruction breast forms
  • How to prepare for a fitting and what to expect


“I would love to tell people what a difference a good bra makes … Now I feel comfortable to wear a sports bra and this summer was the first time after 13 years I could walk down a pool deck.”

- Yasmin, Breast cancer survivor


Find A Retailer in Your Community

There are many retailers across Canada which carry breast care products. Consider asking for recommendations from your cancer care centre, friends or family members, or try doing an internet search to locate the nearest in your neighbourhood.  Remember to call ahead to book an appointment and ask questions. Do they have a private fitting room with a full-length mirror? Do they offer a range of products you can try? Do they seem knowledgeable? Can you book an appointment during a quiet time in the store?

Look Good Feel Better thanks Anita Canada for their commitment to the Breast Care Component of our workshop.  You can learn more about Anita Canada and their retail partners here .



Breast Care & Cancer Treament sponsored by Anita Canada
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