Wig Styling

Taking extra time and effort to style your wig will make you feel more confident; people won’t be able to tell it’s not your own natural hair!

Use your fingers to create a slightly tousled style, which looks more natural; avoid brushing your wig flat.

Don’t be afraid to be creative when styling your hair. For example, if you have a long-hair wig, wear a head band or put the hair in a ponytail with a pretty barrette. Be sure that you cover the edge of the wig cap with some hair.

Remember: You can use hair dryers, flat irons, curling irons, etc. on a human hair wig, but NOT on a synthetic wig.


  1. First determine the front and back of the wig; there should be a label at the back.
  2. Put your wig on your head and find the side tabs on either side and align these tabs with your temples.
  3. Expose your ears.
  4. Find your hairline to determine where the wig should fit on your forehead. To find your hairline, try using the four-finger rule:  Place your baby finger horizontally across your brow bone. Rest your other three fingers right next to each other. The front of your wig should sit where your index finger rests.