Scarf Tricks

Scarves are a fun way to add pattern and colour to your wardrobe. They're also an easy solution when you don't feel like wearing your wig. 

Experiment with different styles, fabrics and colours; then, finish your look with some great earrings and a pair of stylish sunglasses.

When choosing a scarf, look for cotton, cotton blend or rayon scarves; silk and polyester tend to slip. Wearing a cotton turban under the scarf can also help prevent slipping. 


  • Drape the scarf over your head and let ends hang down evenly.
  • Tuck in excess material at the hemline before securing a knot at the nape of your neck. Tie a double knot in back and, if you like, bring one of the ends over your shoulder.
  • For a different look, top off your scarf with a hat as shown.


  • Fold the square in half diagonally and position the folded edge on your hairline.
  • Cross the tails at the back of your neck and tie a double knot.

No matter which style you choose, avoid wrapping your scarf too tightly on your sensitive scalp. Experiment by mixing and matching contrasting prints and colours – use a couple of scarves together or add your favourite brooch.