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SHARE_THE_LOVE_SDM.jpg Clarins has partnered up with Look Good Feel Better to share powerful stories of support, confidence and resilience and help women and teens with cancer across Canada. Meet a few of these incredible women below.

Between May 8th and June 11th you can help support women and teens with cancer with purchase of a Clarins Lip Comfort Oil online or at your local Shoppers Drug Mart. For every Lip Comfort Oil purchased Clarins will donate $5 to help even more women feel like themselves again.

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Kim Angell, BC

When Kim Angell was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 34, it was a total shock. Soon after beginning chemotherapy, Kim’s hair started falling out in chunks. She decided to take charge and shave her head before her hair had a chance to fall out completely. She says, “I felt empowered and I actually loved what I saw in the mirror. I felt like a badass!”

With each major milestone of her journey, she had to work to find her strength and confidence again. Through it all, being able to “rock her bald head, bold lipstick and draw her eyebrows” has helped her take back control and boost her own confidence.

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Nour Fahmi, ON

Nour was diagnosed with cancer after finding a small lymph node that continued to grow as the months went on. She soon started chemotherapy after the lymph node was confirmed as an aggressive tumor.

Nour states that while her cancer journey is just going to be a chapter in her life and not the whole story, she has promised herself to always support those impacted by cancer, whether they are patients, survivors or caregivers. She told us: "When I was first diagnosed, I remember reading the stories of other women. They all struck me as so positive, confident and courageous, in the face of cancer. They showed me who I wanted to be through this - there were my strength."




Amirlyn Hadfirul, ON

In 2018, Amirlyn - a 49-year-old mother - was diagnosed with stage-two breast cancer and very quickly started her treatments. As she began to experience and struggle with the physical effects of chemotherapy, her nurse referred her to Look Good Feel Better. “It felt really good seeing my face like that. It lifted my spirits and made me feel optimistic about the future.”

She was especially grateful for the opportunity to be among other women facing similar challenges. “Seeing how other patients are managing – it was so inspiring,” says Amirlyn. Throughout her journey, Amirlyn has been surrounded by a strong circle of care including her husband, Tom, and their then nine-year-old daughter, Catherine, who have been her strength all along and still are today.

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Laurie Dion,QC

Laurie Dion was diagnosed with glioblastoma, a malignant brain tumor at 20 years old. While doctors gave her 18 months to live, Laurie has beat those odds—and thrived. Eight years later, she is a mother to a young daughter. Laurie has shared her experience facing cancer on YouTube and her social channels, helping her followers who may be facing the same experience, go through a cancer diagnosis with the same honesty and vulnerability.






Alison Kidd, ON

Alison was diagnosed with breast cancer after giving birth to her second child. While she went through a rollercoaster ride of emotions, Alison quickly decided that her focus would be on staying positive. But soon after starting chemotherapy, Alison’s hair started to fall out. After finding thick strands of her hair wrapped up in her newborn’s fingers, she decided it was time to make shave her head.

As her partner buzzed her hair, Alison remembers looking in the mirror and thinking, “I still feel beautiful.” Alison believe that this experience has taught her how important perspective is in handling cancer.

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Andrea Rodrigues, ON

Andrea Rodrigues has always been her best advocate when it comes to her health and wellbeing. That's why when she felt a lump in my right breast - and while several doctors suggested that it was a simple cyst - she insisted on getting a mammogram. 

Andrea was diagnosed with breast cancer just months before she was due to tie the knot. All the while a global pandemic drastically impacted her nuptials and her cancer experience. Her fiancé, an essential worker, spent a lot of time away from Andrea as she was immunocompromised.

Nonetheless, Andrea persevered and chose to have an intimate wedding with close family. To own her narrative she decided to shave her head. Andrea refused to let cancer rob her of my joy. Andrea credits the support of her family, as well as being told she looked great bald, as both very helpful in the process.

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Louise Bell, NL

Louise Bell was set to start her clinical psychology master's program when she was diagnosed with cancer. At just 25 years old, she was mentally exhausted by the news.

But, Louise understood early on that the best way to set herself up for success was to surround herself with as much support as possible. She made the difficult choice to postpone her graduate program, a goal she was working on for 3 years, and lean on her loved ones to get through. She thought, “if anything, this is going to make me a better psychologist.”

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